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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft

I won standard size Smooth & Soft shampoo and condition via Twitter - many thanks to Vicky from Herbal Essences! Now, I've promised to review them so here we go. Sorry that it is so short - I just like to get to the point! :-)

(Image (c) Herbal Essences)
Smooth & Soft Shampoo
My first thoughts:
- Smells good
- A nice consistency
- Lovely colour!
- Easy to get it out, same bottle as all the others

It lathers up well and leaves my hair feeling, as the title suggests, Smooth and Soft! I think it's definitely a good product to use if, like me, you have frizzy and curly hair, and need something to tame it a little.

I normally have to switch shampoos often because I usually get a build up but I've been using this every day for a few days now and I haven't noticed a build up yet. I'd recommend this product for normal to dry hair, suitable for daily use.

Standard size (200ml) is available at Superdrug for £1.99, and the larger size (400ml) is available at £3.49. However, the large sizes are currently buy one get one free - so it's a completely acceptable excuse to try both the shampoo AND conditioner!

Overall, I give it a 9/10! I haven't quite given it full marks because well... there's always room for improvement!

(Image (c) Herbal Essences)
Smooth & Soft Conditioner
First thoughts were the same as the shampoo: smells good, looks good! It conditions fairly well and lives up to the 'smooth and soft' name.

However, my hair is on the dry side and I don't think it would be something I could use every day, as it just doesn't give me the moisture that my hair demands. There isn't an intensive treatment by the looks of it, but if one was brought out I'd definitely buy it - I'm really impressed by the shampoo. If you need extra hydration then maybe try Beautiful Ends mask as this is also a wonderful product.

Going back to the conditioner, I think if you have normal hair it would be completely fine to use this every day. It hasn't left my hair with a build up and it does actually smell pretty good.

Again, the standard size (200ml) is available for £1.99 at Superdrug, and the large size (400ml) available for £3.49. The buy one get one free promotion currently runs across all of the Herbal Essences products so why not treat yourself and stock up?! :-)

Overall, I'd give this product an 8/10, but only because it doesn't quite hydrate my hair as much as I would like. Please bring out an intensive mask, Herbal Essences! x

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